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Inventory and accounts of Francis Bradford, tailor, d. 1676

This is a transcript of probate documents of Francis Bradford, tailor, who died on 22 December 1676, according to the inventory, which was taken on 10 February 1677. He was buried on 23 December 1676 and his wife spent £5 on the funeral. The inventory was exhibited in court on 12 July 1677 and  his wiodow Alice finally submitted her accounts on 2 October 1678. 

Although there is no accompanying will, this set of documents gives a clear picture of the processes involved in obtaining probate and administering an estate.It also makes clear that Bradford, like many craft- and tradesmen, was also engaged in agriculture. His inventory included 56 sheep, 10 cows, 15 calves and young beasts, as well as pigs and horses and four acres of corn.

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Sylvia Pinches