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Men who fought in the Boer War

Men who volunteered for service in the Boer War (1900-01) Trowbridge detachment of the 1st wilts rifle corps; N. Payne, S. H. Humphreys, H. J. Barber, A. Hiscocks, B. C Lertora, C. E. Randall, A. G Randall, G. Ferris, A. J. Davis, E. F. Thomas, T. H. Rawlings, A. Fielding, W. Silcocks & W. J. Hooper.  (quoted from Michael Lansdown, Michael Marshman & Kenneth Rogers Trowbridge in pictures 1812-1914 Trowbridge Wiltshire library & museum service, 1979 pg 67) This photo was taken in Devizes before their departure in early 1900 and they returned on the 30th April 1901.

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre
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Becky Rousell