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The Mohuns of Cornwall

When, after the Norman Conquest, William de Mohun came from Moyon in western Normandy to Somerset he founded a dynasty. His family had their seat at Dunster in Somerset but they had many lands and manors elsewhere.

William’s great great grandson Reynold de Mohun married Alice Briwere heir to her family’s large estates in Devon and Somerset. Their son Reynold spent little time at Dunster having many houses including Torre, Devon, where he died and he founded Newnham Abbey, Devon.

Reynold’s great grandson John II de Mohun was a soldier and a supporter of Thomas, earl of Lancaster. He and his wife Ada Tibetot had a large family to provide for. Two of the younger sons looked west including Lawrence of Tavistock, Devon and Reynold of Cornwall.


Reynold's descendants flourished in Cornwall long after their Somerset cousins had died out.

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