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Nettlecombe church, east window of north-east chapel

This large four-light window in the early 16th-century chapel built under the terms of Sir John Trevelyan’s will contains four saints: St Lawrence with his gridiron, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St Urith, a popular west country saint after whom many women were named including two Trevelyan wives, and St John the evangelist. Most of this glass dates from 19th-century restoration but like the other window in the chapel contains older glass including the unlikely pair of feet assigned to St Urith.
The artist was probably John Toms a glass stainer born in nearby Brompton Ralph c.1814. He loved working with and imitating medieval glass and unlike later Victorian glass workers preferred the softer faded colours of old glass, which he also reproduced in his new work. His glass can be seen in many west Somerset churches including Clatworthy, Elworthy, Milverton, Monksilver and Nynehead.

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Nettlecombe church, east window of north-east chapel
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