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Preamble to the will of Robert Webley, 1549

After the date, the will opens with an expression of faith. It says:

I Robert Webley of Eastnor in the diocese of Hereford sick in my body and, lauded be God, of good and whole mind and perfect remembrance make my testament and last will in form following: First and above all things I commend my soul to Almighty God the father of heaven, trusting through his great mercy and by the merits of the passion and blood shedding of his only son my saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ to have remission and forgiveness of all my sins; my body to be buried where shall it please God to call for me, by the discretion of mine executors...

University of London
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Part of the will of Robert Webley, 1549, Herefs RO 44/2/10
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Sylvia Pinches