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Two Medieval Estate Surveys

We have many fascinating insights into life on the bishop’s estates, in places like Bishopwearmouth, because of the survival of two great surveys of his property made some two hundred years apart. The earlier of these, known as Boldon Book, was compiled in 1183, during the episcopate of Bishop Hugh du Puiset, to provide him with a detailed overview of the rents and dues he was owed by the tenants of the lands under his direct control. It did not include Monkwearmouth, which belonged to Durham priory, or the estates of his leading lay tenants, such as that of Hylton. Bishopwearmouth, listed as Wearmouth, was mentioned in the survey, together with Tunstall, Ryhope, and Burdon. Brief mention was also made of the borough of Wearmouth (Sunderland).

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Christine Newman