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Will and Inventory of Amy Mulford, widow, 1592

Mulford left donations to the cathedral (4d.) and to Basing church (12d.) where she wished to be buried, but she also remembered her poor neighbours, leaving three bushels of wheat to be made into bread. Probably elderly when she died, she named her nephew as her executor, with a good many particular bequests to her two sisters, other relatives and to several servants, Of particular interest were the leather, shoes and shoemaking equipment in the shop, left to a relative and a servant – presumably her late husband was the shoemaker. The inventory described a very large well furnished house with the wherewithal of self-sufficiency (two stalls of bees, ducks and chickens, pigs and piglets, a small acreage under cultivation and six sheep). The main value in the equipment lay in the feather beds and bedding, and in her clothing. Total value £33 2s. 4d.

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