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Will and Inventory of George Hawtrell/Hautrell, 1589

Hawtrell/Hautrell requested burial in Basing churchyard, with 4d. to the cathedral and a generous 2s. 6d. for the poor of Basing. There were detailed bequests to his son (including the glass from the hall windows - a prized possession - and numerous specified iron tools and wood, possibly indicating his trade as a carpenter), and to his two daughters, including a family antique to the married daughter; he also provided for two kinswomen. A debt owed by his son in law was to be recovered and invested by his overseers for his granddaughters. His estate included a sword and a dagger. He had just one cow and calf but crops and grain in the barn and a well-equipped house, all amounting to £15 4s.8d. and a debt of £1 14s.3d.

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