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Will and Inventory of Joan Mulford, widow, 1590

Mulford requested burial in Basing churchyard and left 4d. to the cathedral. Her bequests were to various family members, with the executor and residual legatee being her son in law Zachary Loder. He was also left with the responsibility of care for her grandson John (William’s son) who was left 40s. in his own right. The children of Elizabeth and Zachary Loder were all left specific bequests – Frances Loder was left the weights beam and equipment as well as the furniture and a cow, the younger children were left a sheep each. Her other daughter was bequeathed crops and her 2 children animals. A cousin (also an overseer of the will) and her servant were also remembered. The farm was of moderate size – 19 a. under mixed crops and with eight cows, 30 sheep, some young pigs and a horse. The inventory was written by the curate Joel Doughtie, overseers John Wakefield and Thomas Mulford, total value £27.

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