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Will and inventory of John Loker, gentleman of Andwell, 1621

John Loker’s inventory in 1621 was valued at £1137.15. Loker like his predecessors at Andwell Manor Farm was a substantial and wealthy farmer with cattle, sheep and crops. He had only just purchased the stock of the manor farm from his father who outlived his son. This was truly mixed farming with 300 sheep, presumably on the down in the detached part of Andwell; 52 Rother beasts (horned cattle); 18 horses and mares and 50 hogs and pigs. He appeared to be breeding horses and cattle. These animals were valued together at £208. His wheat, barley, dredge, oats, vetches and peas were valued in total at £180. He also had 30 loads of hay valued at £20 and ploughs, carts valued at £12. He had 9 quarters of malt and 9 todds of wool.

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