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Will and Inventory of Jone Hawtrell, widow, 1589

Hawtrell died six months after her husband, George Hawtrell died. It is interesting to note the changes in the provisions made for the family. The younger daughter had married, but the £10 left by her mother is to be kept for six years by her executor, her son in law, her elder daughter’s husband who is the major beneficiary – no mention of her son.  The daughters share the household goods, and there are gifts to three granddaughters and a heifer to a grandson, and several bequests to the Funge family and to servants and other family members. Interestingly there are bequests of bee stalls to two people (bees not mentioned in her husband’s will, so probably always her own property). The estate value is £11 16s. 0d. and there are debts due of £10 1s. 11d. amounting to more than her husband’s estate.

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