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Will and Inventory of Nicholas Silvester, husbandman, 1584

Silvester requested burial in Basing and left 2s. to the church and 2d. to the cathedral, also 6s. 8d. for the poor. He left detailed bequests – cattle to a son, daughter and granddaughter and money to another son, daughter and godson. Although he left the residue to his wife, there is a stipulation that she should fulfil the bequests immediately should she choose to remarry, and there is information following the will to say that she renounced title. The Vicar General conveyed the estate to one of the sons, the other son appears at the end of the inventory as his father’s major debtor. It would seem to be a troubled family. There was grain in the barn and crops in the common fields of Basingstoke, one cow, and very few household effects. The overseers receive 2s. 6d. each which would leave very little in the estate.  Total value £27 13s. 2½d. A will and two copies of the inventory survive.

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