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Will, inventory of John Smith/Smyth, clothier, 1638

Smith was a wealthy clothier with an inventory valued at £440 who also owned a number of properties and land within Basingstoke. He left a bequest to his nephew which included apprenticeship to a clothier to learn the trade. On his premises he had lofts dedicated to carding and medling and a substantial dyeing house. He was also a farmer with £21 worth of wheat and £42 worth of barley. He sold not only wool and woollen cloth but also woad, timber and looms (see debts owed to him). He also set up a charity to benefit eight poor men of Basingstoke.

HRO 148M71/8/13/1 October 1674 reveals how this money to the poor was not paid from 1662-74 and what was done to remedy this.

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