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Will, List of debts to him and Court Paper of Daniel Lipscombe/Lipscumbe, husbandman, 1589

Lipscombe requested a burial in Basing churchyard and left provisions for the poor – 10s. for Basing, 5s. for Mapledurwell, Greywell, Herriard and Weston Patrick, 4s. for North Warnborough and 4s. 4d. for Upton Grey. With no direct descendants, he left 40s. to each of the 17 children of his brother and three sisters, also 27 sheep between them. The residue was left to his brother living in Weston Patrick and a gentleman in Greywell. There is no inventory listing his property and land, but he clearly had interests in the parishes south-east of Basing and also in Sussex – there is a list of debtors owing him money, some very considerable sums, including local men such as the vicar of Herriard and also from Kerford and Chichester, amounting to £42 18s.

Sadly the inventory mentioned in the court paper does not survive.

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