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Burford's Buildings, Upper High Street and the Hill

East Side: Uphill from Swan Lane

This far up the hill settlement may have thinned in the later Middle Ages, following falls in population. At least two houses are part-medieval, however: No. 127 and, most strikingly, No. 139 (Hill House). Most others are of 16th-, 17th-, and 18th-century origin, and include former inns or public houses (Nos. 127, 141, 155), smart private dwellings (Nos. 127, 131, 153), and cottages (Nos. 143-5). In the 19th century many were subdivided to accommodate labourers or lesser tradespeople, and behind Nos. 135-7 and 153 were two of the town's cramped cottage yards. No. 157, at the top of the hill, is another example of early 20th-century remodelling in vernacular style.

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No. 127 contains probably 15th-century remains, notably an internal 2-centred archway at the back of the shop and a nearby rear-facing window.

The elegant 3-storey house now called No.

Behind this house in the 19th century lay one of Burford's cramped 'cottage yards', home to labourers, hawkers, and other impoverished inhabitants

Both these buildings probably began as 17th-century stone cottages. No.

This is a mid to late 17th-century house with contemporary attic windows in the twin gables.


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