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Burford's Buildings, Central High Street

East Side: Witney Street to Swan Lane

This prime stretch of High Street, close to the central crossroads, the medieval market place and the Tolsey, contains the most remarkable run of high-status late medieval buildings in Burford. Most are at least partly timber-framed, and date chiefly from the late 15th century. Three were major inns, and several are connected with prominent merchant families such as the Pinnocks or, in the 16th century, the Silvesters and Simon Wisdom. A few are concealed behind later façades, but most remain clearly visible. The most prominent later fronts are those of the Bull (18th-century brick) and No. 115 (Georgian), while the Highway Hotel (No. 117) is another example of early 20th-century remodelling. Several have 19th- or early 20th-century shopfronts, while Nos. 111-113 contains remains of the only medieval shopfront discovered in Burford.  

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This impressive late medieval house may have been owned in 1552 by the clothier Edmund Silvester: his descendants certainly owned it in the early 1

Behind the Georgian façade is one of the most important medieval houses in Burford.

No. 125 includes another late-medieval building, encased in stone in the 18th century or earlier.

The rendered façade of this tall narrow building hides a medieval timber-framed house, owned in 1489 by John Bishop.

A timber-framed building of c.1500 lies behind this tall frontage.


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