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Burford's Buildings, Burford Priory

The Priory

Surviving remains and later drawings show that Burford Priory had an imposing three-storeyed front made up of seven tall gabled bays. It was built on a conventional E-shaped plan, with projecting north and south wings and a projecting three-storeyed entrance porch (surmounted by a curved gable) in the centre. The existing house comprises only the southernmost three bays, all heavily remodelled. Like many contemporary houses it mixed traditional late medieval or Tudor styles with new classical motifs, most obviously the two surviving tiers of Corinthian columns framing the porch. Early drawings show a highly confused arrangement, however, and may not be fully reliable. Two carved figures flanking the porch appear to represent wild men, one of them possibly Hercules with a lion-skin (left), and the other (with a ragged staff) perhaps associated with Harman.

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