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Burford's Buildings, Sheep Street

South Side

 On the south side, Hanover House (No. 11) was also associated with the Garnes. Less typical is No. 9 at the High Street end, a modern house which employs a range of period features derived from other Burford buildings.

Collection Items

The facade of No. 17 is early-to-mid 19th-century, similar to that of No. 23 to its left.

Though apparently rebuilt in the early 19th century, with a smooth ashlar façade and contemporary features, this tall 3-storeyed house shows signs

This notable late-medieval house is comparable to some broadly contemporary examples on High Street.

The ashlar façade of No.

A house here may have been occupied in 1652 by Leonard Mills, carrier (taxed in 1662 on 5 hearths), and owned in 1685 by Robert Aston (of the


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