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Burford's Buildings, Upper High Street and the Hill

West Side: Uphill from No. 154

As elsewhere in the town, several buildings along this stretch hide medieval cores behind more recent façades, confirming that medieval settlements extended to the top of the hill. No. 174 (with its imposing 18th-century front) contains 14th-century features, while Nos. 160-162 have dated 15th-century roofs, and the ground plans of Nos. 154-8 and 184-192 suggest that they incorporate medieval hall-houses.

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The basic plan suggests that these three cottages began as a medieval hall-house, remodelled with fireplaces and first floor in the mid 17th centur

From 1587 to 1628 the site belonged to William Hewes alias Calcott, and in 1607 seems to have had only a barn.

The apparently symmetrical front conceals a 17th-century house, with a stair turret leading to the upper rooms.

These three separate houses are probably all of 17th-century origin. No.

In the 17th and early 18th centuries this was the Star Inn, owned and sometimes occupied by members of the Taylor family.


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