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Between 1834 and 1894 local government at parish level was gradually reformed. The changes were piecemeal and conservative in approach, so that the

The earliest scheme for a modern, locomotive operated railway in the Derbyshire coalfield, proposed in 1832, was for a line running down the Erewas

Duchess Georgiana married the 5th duke of Devonshire in 1775.

The Blacksmith's Shop at Hardwick Colliery (Holmewood).

An agreement made in 1656 between the 3rd earl of Devonshire's receiver, Humphrey Poole, and nine colliers concerning the working of coal at Heath.

In 1811, just short of his 21st birthday, William Spenser Cavendish (the 6th duke of Devonshire) inherited one of the largest landed estates in the

Thomas Hobbes

In Ault Hucknall, as in most communities, the oldest surviving building is the parish church.

Elizabeth dowager countess of Shrewsbury (c.1521–1608), best known to history as `Bess of Hardwick', is probably the third most famous Englishwoman

Chatsworth was transformed in the 1680s from Sir William Cavendish's Elizabethan house with four tall ranges round a small courtyard into a fashion