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During the 19th century Roman Catholics in Bolsover were served by the Jesuit mission at Spinkhill in Eckington.

There has been a parish church in Bolsover since the early 12th century.

The southern part of the parish of Bolsover lies on the magnesian limestone plateau which forms the dominant element in the geology of the north-ea

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In 1936 a plant to produce smokeless fuel ('Coalite') was built near Bolsover colliery.

Bolsover colliery was sunk by the Bolsover Colliery Company Ltd in the early 1890s and remained an important part of the coal industry in Derbyshir

The honor of Peverel of Nottingham was a grouping of about 50 manors held from shortly after the Norman Conquest by William Peverel (d.

In the 17th and 18th centuries Bolsover was well known locally as a centre for the manufacture of clay tobacco pipes, and for a short time in the m

The ‘Old Peverel Road’, said to have been built by the first William Peverel (who died in 1114) to link Bolsover with his other manor at South Wing

A factory making hosiery, underwear and other types of garment was established at Bolsover shortly after the Second World War. Passing from local o