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Wouldham, Purser Place, the house of Walter Burke. He was purser on the Victory and it was in his arms that Nelson died.

Royal Engineers, Bridging Battalion in camp at Wouldham, 1905.

Barge on the Medway proceeding towards Rochester, with Wouldham in the background.

Aylesford High Street looking east. The road from the mediaeval bridge enters from the right. Little has changed in this view.

Aylesford. Preston Hall from the south-east. This was the home of the Culpepers from the later thirteenth until the eighteenth century.

Aylesford looking North. The central arch of the mediaeval bridge had to be widened to allow river traffic through.

For 70 miles the River Medway runs through Kent shaping the landscape and providing opportunity for the people of the county.

Snodland’s last pre-war public building is the cinema built in 1912, now in use as a Roman Catholic church.

In 1852, Samuel Hook, with his wife Anna Maria and their five children moved from Chalford, Gloucestershire to Tovil, Maidstone, where Samuel took