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This site will soon contain all Burford wills and inventories for 1500-1699. There will be a glossary to help with obscure words.

This small early 14th-century house, though heavily remodelled, may be Burford's earliest surviving domestic building, and is documented from the 1

This notable late-medieval house is comparable to some broadly contemporary examples on High Street.

Until unified as a single shop in the 20th century, these properties were quite distinct.

Like No. 12 (Bull Cottage), No. 14 is documented from the 1390s.

In the late 20th century, planning guidance tried to ensure that new buildings fitted in better with older ones. No.

Though apparently rebuilt in the early 19th century, with a smooth ashlar façade and contemporary features, this tall 3-storeyed house shows signs

The facade of No. 17 is early-to-mid 19th-century, similar to that of No. 23 to its left.

Like many buildings on this side of Witney Street, these three houses on the far side of Guildenford began as 17th-century cottages. At No.

As so often in Burford, the house's 18th-century façade conceals an earlier building.