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Somerset has a good selection of 17th and 18th century probate inventories for the west of the county but later ones are rare.

The account book of the vicar of Queen Camel records not only the tithes due and received but also his Easter offerings.

During the Civil War Taunton because of its castle was frequently the scene of military activity.

The Revd Peter Thatcher vicar of Queen Camel in the later 16th century recorded in his account book burials in the church for which a fee of 6s 8d.

Ashcombe, Simonsbath is the valley of a tributary stream of the Barle river on Exmoor.

Betrothal is just part of the modern wedding ceremony but in the medieval and later periods it was a separate social and legal contract.

The post Reformation church was concerned that people attended church for political as much as for religious reasons.

As Dunster's economy rose and fell people came and went.

By the later 19th century Minehead’s growth put pressure on fuel supplies.

Alesellers were recorded in Timberscombe from 1407 and one of its 19th-century public houses survives in the centre of the village.