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Cloth was woven at Dunster by 1266 and cloths known as Dunsters were exported from the mid 16th century.

The Minehead port area, which stretched from the Devon boundary to Shurton Barrs near Stogursey, was full of small creeks and landing places where

Minehead harbour belonged to the Luttrells and was run by harbourmas

Minehead harbour is a well known feature of the seaside resort offering shelter for pleasure boats, fishing trips and the occasional excitement of

Dunster is a compact settlement west of the Avill and the Tor between Grabbist Hill to the south and Conygar Hill to the north and seems to have de

Providence Bible Christian Chapel was built near the village mill by Edward Cording of Croydon in Carhampton and opened on 27 March 1836.

Mary Haynes and her sister Margaret who married Peter Elsworthy of Bickham must have made a great impression when they arrived at Timberscombe.

Richard Elsworthy or Ellsworth of Bickham in Timberscombe left £200 in 1714 to build a charity school and library.


Dunster was held for the Crown in the 1640s and was the last Royalist stronghold.

Like most communities Dunster suffered heavy losses in the First World war although at least one man survived only to die during the Second World W