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Education was provided by several teachers and at a charity school but in 1818 only 120 children attended day schools and the poor lacked education

In 1630 merchant Robert Quirk built 11 dwellings for the poor on waste ground east of the cross beside the market place.

After an outbreak of fever in 1853 caused by poor drainage, lack of sanitation, and water pollution and some very bad housing Street Board of Healt

In the 1800s there were several denominational Sunday schools and dame schools.

James Brydges (1674-1744), 1st Duke of Chandos, was a wealthy politician who made a huge fortune while serving in the lucrative office of Paymaster

Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived at Nether Stowey from 1797-1800 with his wife Sara and children.

Ashwick Theatre, also known as the Green Room or Music Room, was built by Yorkshire businessman Frank Green (d.

There has probably been a church at Nettlecombe since the late 13th century and by 1440 it was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Alcombe is now part of Minehead but was formerly a village in Dunster parish.

These two rural parishes have little evidence of protestant dissent before the 19th century and Wesleyan Methodism was slow to establish but in the