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Portals paper mills have had a profound economic and social effect on Overton parish.

After weaving, cloth had to be fulled to shrink and strengthen the fabric, providing greater resistance to wear and weather.

Sheep farming was an important part of the Cotswolds economy by the Roman period.

Lammana or Lamanna priory was a small Benedictine cell on the island of Lammana now called St George’s or Looe Island off the south Cornish coast n

Dunster has always been well served with alehouses and inns.

Until the 19th century Dunster was more important as a retail centre than Minehead. Dunster mercers were recorded from the 15th to 19th centuries a

Basingstoke Inns, Beerhouses and associated businesses in the 1851 census.

This is part of ongoing study of Basingstoke Union and Workhouse.

The riots against the Salvation Army in Basingstoke in the early 1880s gave rise to questions in the House of Commons, led to the publication of a

A coin hoard found in 2006 is a striking reminder of the terrible damage the Civil War did to ordinary people's lives.