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Old Basing is a substantial settlement 2 miles east of Basingstoke. 

Upton Grey parish included the manors of Upton Grey and Hoddington.

Probate documents relating to 13 individuals survive in Hampshire Record Office (HRO) for this period, of these seven have been transcribed here, t

Basingstoke was the most important centre of cloth production in 16th and 17th century Hampshire, with a peak of activity in the early 16th century

Wills and inventories survive for Basingstoke in Hampshire Record Office (HRO) and The National Archives (TNA).

Five wills and ten inventories survive for this period.

There are eight surviving wills but only two of these have inventories.

Only three wills and one inventory survive for this period. None were tenants of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. They were presumably subtenants.

Five of the eight people for whom probate records survive in this period were copyholders of Corpus Christi College, Oxford properties.

In the later 12th century the demesne of Amesbury manor included several pastures for cattle and in the early 13th century extensive several pastur