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Snodland’s last pre-war public building is the cinema built in 1912, now in use as a Roman Catholic church.

Since it was visited by the RCHM inspector in 1930 this large building has had the 18th century stucco removed to reveal the timb

The Talbot is one of the oldest inns in Ledbury, although it is not certain how long it has borne that name.

The New Inn was one of the important coaching inns in the later 18th and 19th centuries.

The Seven Stars is one of the oldest inns in Ledbury.

The Barrett Browning Institute was opened on 16 January 1896.

The Market Theatre in Ledbury is the home of the Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society (LADS for short).

A Sunderland landmark, the much-loved Empire theatre, built on the site of Bishopwearmouth's medieval rectory.

Sunderland was certainly not short of public houses and beerhouses.

This brass crown dating from the early 1700's, was probably used as a ceremonial piece for trades processions in Bristol.