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In 1902 Church of England services were held at St Michael’s Church and at two mission rooms: the Reading Road Mission Room serving the east of the

Holland bridge is the most recent bridge to cross the Holland River (or Holland Brook), and the furthest downstream.

Rice bridge is the earliest recorded crossing point on the river now known as the Holland Brook, and one of the furthest inland. It was in existenc

Fan bridge is the second earliest rcorded crossing point on the river now known as Holland Brook (formerly Holland River).

Beaumont Quay and similar landing places along the Essex coast were chiefly used for the export of local agricultural produce to London.

The story of Eastrop Church is about how one of the smallest churches in the diocese grew to be one of the biggest.

The former site of the sheep fair on high ground in the south of the town was given by the Corporation in 1885 for the Board Schools to accommodate

Lutterworth is a small market town in south Leicestershire, close to the borders of Warwickshire and Northamptonshire.

Ibstock is one of Leicestershire's largest villages.

This chapel served the parish of Farleigh Wallop where the Congregational cause was established in 1900.