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Sileby lies astride the main railway line between Leicester and Nottingham. In the 20th century it became a dormitory settlement for these two citi

Seagrave is one of eight parishes in the north Leicestershire wolds whose boundaries form a 'hub-and-spoke' pattern around a former area of common

Methodism was late in coming to Cliddesden.

From Mote Hall to Museum

Standing on a hill above the marshy valley of the Loddon, Basing House has long been the site of human habitation.  I

St Materiana is the best example of a small Norman parish church in Cornwall, due to the unparalleled survival of both

After an outbreak of fever in 1853 caused by poor drainage, lack of sanitation, and water pollution and some very bad housing Street Board of Healt

The best-preserved plan of a medieval monastery in Cornwall is that of the Augustinian priory of Launceston.

Timber-framed and set on octagonal stone columns, the Tolsey is typical of a broad range of market houses, town halls, and moot- or guildhalls foun

Dunster Castle on its hilltop site forms a dramatic eyecatcher from the road to Minehead or the West Somerset Railway.