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This former farmhouse and later factory office was one of the oldest domestic buildings in Norton Fitwarren but was demolished.

For this decade a selection of 18 probate records comprising 12 wills, 12 inventories and one renunciation have been chosen from the available mate

Probate records for 29 Old Basing residents survive for this period comprising 18 wills, 23 inventories, one court paper and two sets of accounts.

Five wills and seven inventories survive for this period.

Ten wills and 12 inventories survive for this period including several husbandmen and yeomen and some of the prominent families in the parish refle

Documents for ten Dummer inhabitants (all men), survive for this period, eight wills and nine inventories held in Hampshire Record Office and The N

For this period 21 wills, 26 inventories and one court paper survive.

Ten wills and seven inventories survive for this period, all held in the Hampshire Record Office.

Fourteen wills, 15 inventories and two accounts of administration have been transcribed for this decade.

These articles trace the history of the settlement from the earliest times to the present day, including the new town established by the bishops of