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Probate material for this period includes three wills, two with inventories attached. They reflect a prosperous farming community.

Two wills, one with an inventory attached, have been transcribed for this period.

Probate material consisting of five wills, two of which have inventories attached, have been transcribed.The two wills proved in the Consistory Cou

Probate material that survives from this period includes the wills of two husbandmen, and the will and inventory of a gentlewoman, Jane Aubrey, a m

Three of the five wills extant from this period were made by members of the Wallop family: Stephen and his brother Robert inherited the family esta

Farleigh Wallop is a small village and civil parish approximately 2 m

The Mount was a substantial family home with grounds of about two acres situated in Bounty Road, Basingstoke. Burberry, Harriot Stanton Blatch, a f

Two wills and inventories have been transcribed from this period but also included is the transcription of a will and inventory from a testator in

Extant probate material from this period includes four wills, two of which have inventories attached, and two separate inventories.

One will, one inventory and a will with inventory attached have been transcribed from this period.