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Steventon was a small agricultural village mainly on the chalk of the Hampshire downs.

Newnham was a sizeable village situated on the London clay just north of the Hampshire chalk downs. In this period it was mainly agricultural.

Four wills and two inventories survive from this period.

Four wills and one inventory survive from this period. Two from HRO and two from TNA. Searle (d.

There are five surviving inventories and three wills for this period. The testators were farmers with one innkeeper. Thomas Riggs (d.

This period comprises the Civil Wars and Interregnum.

Two wills and three inventories survive for this period. They indicate that Newnham had a mixed farming economy with cattle and crops.

Cassandra Terry of Down Grange, Basingstoke, lies buried outside her parish, tucked away behind the church at Eastrop.

In this period there are five wills and seven inventories, some of which are of high value.

Four inventories survive for this period including John Hulet, rector of Newnham and Mapledurwell.