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This period comprises the Civil Wars and Interregnum.

Two wills and three inventories survive for this period. They indicate that Newnham had a mixed farming economy with cattle and crops.

By the later 19th century Minehead’s growth put pressure on fuel supplies.

In this period there are five wills and seven inventories, some of which are of high value.

Four inventories survive for this period including John Hulet, rector of Newnham and Mapledurwell.

The parish of Buckminster, which includes the two villages of Buckminster and Sewstern, is in north-east Leicestershire, and adjoins the county of

Hartpury Probate Inventories, 1632-1790

In the winter of 1830 unrest amongst agricultural workers spread across southern England in the face of ‘grinding poverty’.[1]  Wages were low, the

Alesellers were recorded in Timberscombe from 1407 and one of its 19th-century public houses survives in the centre of the village.

The Hundred Roll for Cheltenham was not included when the series was published in the early 19th century.