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Minehead market was always overshadowed by that at Dunster but has its own interesting history and a fine Edwardian market house.

Before 1800 Dunster had the most important market in West Somerset serving a wide area of the Brendons and Exmoor as well as the coastal communitie

 Dunster Beach Holiday Camp was created in the 1920s and 1930s the ridge between the Hawn and the sea.

The people of medieval Dunster came from many places, which has left traces in their surnames.

Ellisfield is a village of just under 2,350 acres.

These wills and inventories reveal the economy of the town of Basingstoke where agriculture, crafts and shops offered goods to the townspeople and

Cloth was woven at Dunster by 1266 and cloths known as Dunsters were exported from the mid 16th century.

Dummer parish lies 6 miles south west of Basingstoke just 1km south of junction 7 on the M3.

The two wills and three inventories reveal a sheep and corn farming community.

This period is interesting as it contains the inventories of two of the Orpwood family who were the rectors of Steventon in this period.