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Documents for ten Dummer inhabitants (all men), survive for this period, eight wills and nine inventories held in Hampshire Record Office and The N

During the 19th century there were a number of incidents of popular disturbances in Basingstoke, including the riots in connection with the Salvati

This article traces the history of the fairs and markets from 1218 to the present day, including the commodities traded, how the markets were regul

For this period 21 wills, 26 inventories and one court paper survive.

Ten wills and seven inventories survive for this period, all held in the Hampshire Record Office.

Fourteen wills, 15 inventories and two accounts of administration have been transcribed for this decade.

Portals paper mills have had a profound economic and social effect on Overton parish.

These articles trace the history of the settlement from the earliest times to the present day, including the new town established by the bishops of

Mary Sweet was the creator of the western side of the present Castle Hotel, Taunton in the 1830s.

Four wills survive for this period, one written in Latin.