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Beaumont Quay and similar landing places along the Essex coast were chiefly used for the export of local agricultural produce to London.

The historic site known as Beaumont Quay is an important survival showing the nature of the small quays and wharves that were once very common and

The Gunfleet was the name of the large estuary fed by the Holland River or brook, which formerly ran into the sea between Frinton and Little Hollan

As Dunster's economy rose and fell people came and went.

Loddington is a very small rural settlement and civil parish in east Leicestershire with a population of less than 100.

Thorrington Tide Mill

Farleigh wallop was a parish with a non-resident landlord, the earl of Portsmouth.

Eight wills and eight inventories together with one set of accounts survive for this period.

Five wills and four inventories survive for this period, all from HRO, reflecting a mixed farming economy of sheepa nd crops.

Nine wills and seven inventories survive for this period. the earliest two were written in Latin.