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Audleys Wood lies in the northeast corner of Cliddesden parish, its grounds separated from Hackwood Park by the road from Basingstoke to Alton.

Newtown Linford is a small village to the north west of Leicester, on the edge of Charnwood Forest.

Structural features of gardens, such as buildings and walls, can be permanent and outlive plant life.  A detailed history of these gardens is prese

The very best oak building timber at the end of the 16th century came from woods which were specifically managed to produce tall, straight trees fo

The gardens and grounds at Parham House are featured in this section.

Parham House has been depicted many times in paintings, prints, sketches, maps and photographs, as well as in architectural drawings. By using the

Mowbray Park, created from the open space and quarries of Bildon, or Building, Hill in 1854-7, was doubled in size in 1865 when it took in land aro

Some people mistakenly believe that the network of caves under Redcliffe Hill was used to store slaves before sale in Bristol.