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In 2019 St Thomas’ Care Home in Darlington Road, Basingstoke was a dementia care home.

Until the Methodist Re-Union in 1932, the Primitive Methodists remained a distinctive feature of Basingstoke’s ecclesiastical landscape.

Bishops Hull acquired several new residents from the mid 18th century who had formerly lived in the West Indies.

In seeking to find an effective means of bridging the gap between their Sunday schools and full church membership, from the 1890s onwards many of B

In the years leading up to the First World War the impact of the campaign for women’s suffrage was as evident in Basingstoke as in every other part

From its opening in February 1905 until its transfer to the Methodists in 1928, the Working Men’s Mission Hall in George Street, Basingstoke, serve

In 1686, the Overton vestry authorised a poor-house in the parish, which continued until the rapidly rising costs of poor relief resulted in a new

The account book of the vicar of Queen Camel records not only the tithes due and received but also his Easter offerings.

Wills, administration bonds, inventories and other probate records, transcribed by VCH Cornwall volunteers