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The Luttrells as owners of Carhampton hundred administered the constituent tithings within their demesne manors in their manor courts but the remai

My aim was to study the parish registers of St.

Having begun construction of the plant, Stewarts and Lloyds were faced with the problem of housing the new workforce, an expected 1650 people, a fi

In 1939 the Corby Urban District Council was established, separating from the Kettering Rural District Council and taking responsibility for housin

Major events in the life of a country house often leave little trace upon the building.

The Bishopp family bought Parham from the Palmers in 1601 and stayed there until the last of the line died in 1828.

Sir Thomas Palmer built the Elizabethan house at Parham.

Henley grew up on the back of the Thames river trade with London, and from the Middle Ages the waterfront has been a vital part of the town.

Station Road was laid out by the Great Western Railway c.1857, to provide access to the new railway station.