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The Bolsover Colliery Company was established in 1890 and initially sank a colliery to the Deep Hard coal at Bolsover.

We were delighted when Penlee House Gallery & Museum agreed that as a finale to Joanna Mattingly's "Penwith" project we could include some of h

Trade and fishing were affected by Turkish raids on west Cornwall, which began in 1625.

Newlyn and Mousehole were renowned as centres of the Cornish fishing trade. Fishing was the major employer here in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Cornish is a distinct Brittonic language - close to Welsh and Breton.

Mousehole place names

The greatest period of smuggling coincided with wars from 1689 to 1815. Starting as a response to a salt tax in the 1680s, by the 1690s many other

As part of the study Joanna Mattingly has been invited into many local homes and studios.  These photographs were taken on a particularly wet and w

Somalis have come to British ports as seamen since at least the 19th century, but their presence in Bristol cannot be documented before1950.

Zehra Haq set up the Barton Hill Asian Women's Group (later Dhek Bhal), which would later grow to claim some 800 members.