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There are many reasons why farmsteads become abandoned.

Following disafforestation, manors gained control of their own commons yet, were not always successful in maintaining it. Disputes were taken to th

In much of England in the Middle Ages, routine business relating to local communities was conducted at the appropriate manorial court, while seriou

After the Conquest, there seems to have been much more activity as the parish structure emerged on Exmoor.

Structural features of gardens, such as buildings and walls, can be permanent and outlive plant life.  A detailed history of these gardens is prese

The desire to introduce fashionable features, such as a top-floor long gallery, into country houses demanded new solutions to make them possible.

Although the medieval village of Parham was cleared and its inhabitants moved to nearby Rackham as recently as 1778-9; no record exists of where th

Between 1834 and 1894 local government at parish level was gradually reformed. The changes were piecemeal and conservative in approach, so that the

Generations of antiquaries have sought to identify stretches of modern road or footpath as prehistoric, Roman or medieval, or they try to link refe

In Burford, how stone is used can reflect the status of a building and the owner's needs.