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To medieval parishioners, heaven and hell were not abstract ideas but reality, reinforced by the wall paintings which adorned most parish churches.

Medieval houses were built according to a specific plan.

Like many medieval towns, Burford's earliest shops were probably market stalls.

The analysis of medieval towns relies on the fact that the property boundaries which define urban house-plots (burgages) are very unlikely to chang

By 1700 Sunderland was 'noted for its sea coal trade', supplying a 'great quantity of coals' and employing 'great numbers of ships yearly in carryi

Aerial photography can reveal evidence of past landscapes, often very difficult to detect on the ground.

The 'Prayer-Book' or 'Western' rebellion, was one of the most important attempts in England to oppose the Protestant Reformation during the reign o

Artwork in Cornish churches illustrates devotion to God in the medieval period, paticularly portraits of Jesus.

Oral testimony is a means of identifying issues or events that might otherwise go undocumented.  Those who come to this country to seek a new life

The 1851 census can help us to identify parishes inhabited by first-generation immigrants.