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A remarkable correspondence had begun by 1915 between parishioners and the vicar of Taunton St Mary Magdalene and other church officers.

Norton Fitzwarren was an important military site in the Second World War which left a  lasting legacy to the parish.

Norton Fitzwarren on the outskirts of Taunton was a site of national importance during the Second World War with several miltary sites

The wooden lychgate at the entrance to the church yard from the street was erected in 1919 as a memorial to the 13 men of the parish who lost their

Thornycroft, the commercial vehicle manufacturer, was the biggest employer in Basingstoke for much of the 20th century.

The war memorial for Bishops Hull stands in a prominent position in the centre of the village.

One inventory and thirteen wills survive for this period, only one document is held in the Hampshire Record Office (HRO), the remainder are held at

During the Civil War Taunton because of its castle was frequently the scene of military activity.

John Liddell was the son of John and Emily Liddell who lived at Sherfield Manor, Sherfield on Loddon, just outside Basingstoke.

The town of Watchet did not have its own war memorial recording the names of those killed in the First World War until 2014.