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Probate records for 29 Old Basing residents survive for this period comprising 18 wills, 23 inventories, one court paper and two sets of accounts.

For this period 21 wills, 26 inventories and one court paper survive.

Ibstock is one of Leicestershire's largest villages.

Responsibility for sea defence and drainage in coastal regions since the early thirteenth century had been allocated to ad hoc Commissions

Loddington is a very small rural settlement and civil parish in east Leicestershire with a population of less than 100.

There are five surviving inventories and three wills for this period. The testators were farmers with one innkeeper. Thomas Riggs (d.

This period comprises the Civil Wars and Interregnum.

Sewstern is the easternmost village in Leicestershire, and lies 10 miles north-east of Melton Mowbray, close to the borders of Lincolnshire and Rut

Buckminster stands on high ground in east Leicestershire, 10 miles north-east of Melton Mowbray and close to the county borders with Lincolnshire a

Very few medieval wills are known for Cheltenham.