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Thomas Hobbes

Elizabeth dowager countess of Shrewsbury (c.1521–1608), best known to history as `Bess of Hardwick', is probably the third most famous Englishwoman

Hardwick New Hall is famous as the home of the one of the most powerful women of the 16th century, Elizabeth countess of Shrewsbury, whose initials

The Old Hall at Hardwick survives only as a shell, with remnants of its plaster decoration.

At his death in 1929 Sir John Plowright Houfton was described as 'a great public man' with a 'long and distinguished association with the Bolsover

The honor of Peverel of Nottingham was a grouping of about 50 manors held from shortly after the Norman Conquest by William Peverel (d.

From the late 18th century there was both a language movement and a revival.

The Bosons were one of Newlyn's leading gentry families.

Was a female fish merchant of Newlyn.

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