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The story of Hannah Nonmus

Rais Hyder came to England in 1962 from Karachi in Pakistan.

Joseph St. Clair, ‘the black dentist’ from Barbados married a Bristol girl, Mabel Stallard, and made a relatively good living in interwar Bristol.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko was born in Poland on February 4, 1746, son of Ludwik and Tekla Kosciuszko.

Raja Rammohan Roy was born of a distinguished Brahmin family in Bengal.

Dixie Brown was one of the very few men of African descent living in Bristol in the early inter-war period and was a much loved father and 'grandfe

Colston is widely revered as one of Bristol's biggest benefactors.

Lorna Doone

Monument in Hawkridge church to a man who emigrated to Queensland, Australia

This memorial is in East Anstey church and commemorates Albert William Tarr who was killed on the railway line on the 8 January 1935.