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The Great or Warwick Almshouses, founded 1455-6. (Photo by Mike Hesketh-Roberts, English Heritage)

The police station and court house were built in 1869, on a site bought by the Oxfordshire Clerk of the Peace the previous year.

Timber-framed and set on octagonal stone columns, the Tolsey is typical of a broad range of market houses, town halls, and moot- or guildhalls foun

Clock Tower was built in 1877 in memory of Charles Townsend Hook.

The two-storey timber-framed range now occupied by the Town Council is of two major phases.

Sunderland' s first purpose-built town hall was the Exchange Building.

This brass crown dating from the early 1700's, was probably used as a ceremonial piece for trades processions in Bristol.

The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery is a large museum and art gallery in Bristol, England.

The Exchange was built in 1741–43 by John Wood the Elder, with carvings by Thomas Paty, replacing the less grand facilities on the site for Bristol

Dating back to at least 1745, the Ostrich Public House is one of the pubs which Sailors, shipyard and dock workers, merchants and others used when