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Aylesford looking North. The central arch of the mediaeval bridge had to be widened to allow river traffic through.

Until the 18th century the only communal means of contact between the main Wearmouth settlements was the ferry crossing situated at the most easter

The earliest reference found to the Hylton Ferry (HER 446) was in 1322 when Baron Hylton granted to his chaplain "the passage of Bovisferry" (an ox

The Hudson Dock, the first in a complex known as the South Docks which extend from the harbour entrance to Hendon, revolutionised shipping into and

William Waples and other photographers captured images of a lost world, people of the port at work and play.

By 1700, the fords used by medieval and early modern travellers had more or less disappeared from the lower reaches of the Wear.

The first Wearmouth Bridge is a Sunderland icon, commonly used to illustrate local pottery.

Image supplied courtesy of English Heritage.

Bolsover has suffered throughout its history from lying just off the main roads that run through this north-east Derbyshire.

How did railways develop in Bolsover and the north Derbyshire coalfield? What caused their decline?